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iPhone Repair Services Reviews

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iPhone Repair Services Review

Why Choose iPhone Repair Services?

In this day in age there are dozens of reasons why people are opting to repair their broken iPhone, iPod or other electronic device instead of replacing it. Whether it’s a case of shallow pockets or a desire to be more green, you won’t be disappointed with the iPhone repair services these great companies offer.

Getting your broken devices repaired “virtually” is actually an incredibly easy (and fast) process. In most cases, all the customer is required to do is fill out an online form, mail-in their device, wait about 24 hours once it arrives at the repair facility (repairing broken iPhones is usually a relatively quick process) and depending on the return shipping service you choose, your shiny “like-new” device will be back in your hands before you know it. On this site you will find articles related to iPhones as well as reviews of iPhone repair service to help you make an informed decision on which is best for you.

What to Look for in iPhone Repair Services

When looking over our top-rated iPhone repair businesses, be sure to look carefully over all the criteria included in our matrix to make the best decision depending on your needs. Is there a walk-in brick and mortar location near you? Do they provide free USPS First Class return shipping? Here’s an overview of the rating criteria we used to rate the top iPhone repair companies in the industry.

Since Apple debuted their iPhone in 2007, it’s become such a hit that they’ve already released two more models. Apple’s first generation iPhone, the iPhone 2G, is still used by millions and most of the businesses we highlighted include that model amongst the devices they repair. And we can’t forget the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS; newer models that have come out in the past year.

We also included Apple’s iPod Touch 1G and 2G - the most popular iPods in circulation - in our matrix. Note: If you have another iPod model that needs repair, don’t worry. If a product listed in our matrix in noted as repairing the iPod Touch 1G or 2G, they will usually also service a variety of other iPod models. Check out their site for a full list of all the models (and other devices) they service.

There are dozens of extras that iPhone repair shops now offer. For our matrix we included what we felt were the most important, which were the following: Free evaluation, monitor status, packaging instructions, packing labels supplied and recycling. As it goes with most things in life, the more extras the better, and in the world of iPhone repair this is definitely the case. If a repair company goes the extra mile, making shipping easy and even looking at your device for free, they definitely deserve a look.

Customer Service
Quality customer service is always important; especially when you’re buying online and only communicating with customer service agents via phone, email or chat. This crucial category within our matrix will help you find a business that’s serious about helping you, and by providing thorough customer service options, you can be sure they’ll do a professional job.

Security is never far from the minds’ of most online shoppers, and the iPhone repair industry is no different. We included the most valuable criteria in this area of importance, including whether or not the business provides shipping insurance, order tracking, a secure payment server and an adequate warranty.

And of course with the advent of Facebook and blogging, we had to include community features in our matrix. Businesses such as these are dealing with tech-savvy people, and the right iPhone repair business will know this. Many of the businesses listed in our matrix maintain interesting blogs and others have Twitter accounts broadcasting their latest specials. If community features are important to you, make sure to look over this feature category carefully.

If a cracked screen brings you to our review or something more simple like needing a battery replacement, we are positive that any of the iPhone repair services featured in our matrix will be able to help you out and get your beloved device up and running in no time. The future is here and it‘s iPhone repair.