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    The iPhone has a plethora of helpful uses. One such use is its ability to find WiFi hotspots, a function that especially comes in handy when you’re somewhere unfamiliar. Of course, we all know the obvious places to find free WiFi - McDonald’s, coffee shops, hotel lobbies, libraries and the ever popular Panera Bread - but what about the other hotspots? Here’s how you can use your iPhone to find a zippy fast WiFi hotspot and say goodbye to the too-slow EDGE network for as long as possible.

    • Download the “Free Wi-Fi Finder” application: This app by JiWire Inc. is a great solution for those times you need to find a WiFi network in your vicinity. It doesn’t work in the traditional way that a laptop does, just scouring the area for the closest signal(s). What “Free Wi-Fi Finder” does is use your address, then gives you a list of the nearest public locations where you should be able to find WiFi, both free and pay. JiWire also recently came out with an international version of this app called “Global FREE Wi-Fi.” If you want another app option, “Free Wi-Fi Locater” is another app that does the same thing.
    • Use your location in your search: In addition to inputting your address into one of the above WiFi finder applications, you can also use your location to search, which is a great feature if you don’t have your exact address on hand (perfect for those times you find yourself wandering a new city). Click on the navigation button in the app to find where you are. It’s the same button you use to show your location in the Maps app.
    • Stay smart: It can be easy to think our iPhones know and see all (and are never wrong), but in the volatile world of WiFi hotspots, no application can always be 100% accurate. When using a WiFi locater application, keep this in mind when you find yourself walking around the city, hot on the hunt. If it feels like you’re walking too far despite what your iPhone says, listen to your gut and choose another hotspot. Remember, businesses close and it takes time for program databases to be updated.
    • Don’t forget AT&T’s free WiFi: Remember that with every iPhone data plan, comes free access to AT&T’s WiFi network, including WiFi at any Starbuck’s you visit across the USA. You can find free AT&T WiFi hotspots in airports, hotels, universities, convention centers, sports centers, restaurants and bookstores.
    • Visit Hotspotr.com: For a site that lists WiFi hotspots throughout the USA, Hotspotr.com is just the ticket. The site is community-driven and with WiFi hotspots (and WiFi cafés) added by users just like you, there‘s quite the variety of WiFi hotspots to be found. At the time this article was written, a total of 16,958 WiFi hotspots were listed on the site.

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